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Suddenly Sex Cams

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My Sex Toy Collection

Hello Everyone, I love playing with myself and have found that experimenting with sex toys makes it more fun and exciting. I've found different things I'm interested in like when I got my anal plug and anal beads, I was really scared at first to try them but I'm happy I did cuz it feels so good. But my favorite toy is the pink one that vibrates and has a part that rubs my clit, and it has 3 different speeds, the middle one is the best. My most recent addition I saw in porn a bunch of times (and I want to get a better one) its a pussy pump and it makes your clit sooooo swollen and sensitive, they have ones that collect your pussy juice which is really sexy, but the one they had at the store I went to was just a pump. Any way if I wasn't into watching porn I would of never known such a thing even existed. Now I have about 8 toys and even have them in a makeup bag that's clear, But I wanna get a better and bigger box or bag for them cuz I know I'll be collecting more!

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