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Hi guys and girls. My name is Sara James and I’ve been a phone sex operator for a long time and welcome to the original Suddenly Sex Phone Sex Network. Recently we upgraded our system offering you much cheaper phone sex rates at 66¢ to $1 per minute. Cheapest anywhere. We still do have 866-901-FUCK and yes, we are the “Original and Official Suddenly Sex Phone Sex Network”online since 2000 and now our new service at 702-216-6666. Don’t forget about our worldwide sex cam service! Whoa, growing big just how I like my men!! We also have 1,000s of full length video on demand porn for your enjoyment.

I appreciate all of you for letting all of my friends and I be ourselves and explore our dirtiest and nastiest secrets with you. I go under a secret name when I’m having phone sex. We love you! We’re always ready to play over the phone and via our live video sex service and you can use your phone to talk and see us! On our blog I’ll keep you updated and all of our phone sex models and cam models will update you with bio’s including what fetish or WHATEVER they are into sexually. Plus the models will share their phone sex stories with you. >>> Call us 702-216-6666 Enjoy!!

Sara James

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