Amber Julietta: Uga

Today I toured the beautiful campus of UGA, which is one of many possibilities for my college next school year, but FSU still speaks to me so well. This is my last stop (THANK GOD) and I'll be heading back to my hometown tomorrow. An 8 hour drive is ahead of me, yayyyyyy...haha

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Azarel Fox: Amazing News!

To all my wonderful Sweethearts,I have great news! I have officially, as of tonight, set up the Flirt app on my phone. So all you lovelies can now text and call me :). If you are interested in interacting with me via the flirt sms/phone, the option can be found on the left hand side of the screen on my Bio Page (under "Profile Actions"). I look forward to being able to have more fun with you my dears. With all my love,Your foxy Azarel

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Jennifer Costello: Sexual Fantasy

I have never really experienced having sex with another woman only in dreams and virtually, I would love to have sex with a beautiful and charming woman, that everything happens in a very casual and natural way ... after this experience alone with her I realize a trio with another man ... I get wet just thinking about it!

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Jennifer Costello: Amor a Primera Sonrisa / Love at First Smile

Hay momentos en la vida inolvidables y especiales que marcan para siempre ....hay personas que dejan huella, hay amores que deberian ser eternos e inmortalizados, que nunca deberian tener un fin y que no se deberia quedar con solo los simples recuerdos que aunque son llenos de amor de pasion y de miles de sentimientos hermosos se les debe dar el valor con la misma intensidad que se viven.El fue ese amor lindo diferente y un amor a primera vista y a primera sonrisa â¥... Sus ojos eran hermosos color verde pero no era lo que mas me gustaba de el, el detalle que mas adornaba su rostro eran sus labios rosados y carnudos que brillaban con esa hermosa sonrisa.El se convirtio en un guia, en un profesor lleno de lecciones de vida, el me lleno de su fuerzala cual me empodero me ayudo a creer en mi y vio cosas en mi que ni yo misma conocia, su sonrisa y su amor hizo que renaciera.En la vida se tienen 3 amores el primero que es el que ocurre en la adolescencia el cual es idealista ya que creemos en los cuentos de hadas pero llega a su fin ... el segundo es el que te deja lecciones sobre lo que realemnte es una relacion donde hay altos niveles de drama es una montaña rusa de sltos y bajos hasta que de tanto intentarlo vuelve a caer y por ultimo llega ese amor en el momento que ya no lo estas buscando despues de ya no creer en el amor de estar herida que motiva y se vuelve en una relacion madura y consistente y que con su amor te llena nuevamente de ilusiones y proyectos.Ese tercer amor fue el que me tomo en sus brazos y me cambio para siempre y que con una simple sonrisa me cautivo, con el que se siente esa quimica y esa conexion un amor que no fue para siempre pero que siempre estará presente There are unforgettable and special moments in life that mark forever ... there are people who leave their mark, there are loves that should be eternal and immortalized, that should never have an end and that should not be left with only the simple memories that although they are full of love of passion and of thousands of beautiful feelings they must be given the courage with the same intensity that they live.He was that different cute love and a love at first sight and first smile ⥠... His eyes were beautiful green but it was not what I liked most about him, the detail that adorned his face most were his pink and fleshy lips that They shone with that beautiful smile.He became a guide, a teacher full of life lessons, he filled me with his strength which empowered me to help me believe in me and saw things in me that I did not know myself, his smile and his love caused him to be reborn .In life you have 3 loves the first that is what happens in adolescence which is idealistic because we believe in fairy tales but it comes to an end ... the second is the one that gives you lessons about what is really a relationship where there are high levels of drama is a rollercoaster of sltos and low until you try to fall back and finally comes that love at the moment you are not looking for after no longer believe in the love of being hurt that motivates and becomes a mature and consistent relationship and that with your love fills you again with illusions and projects.ENGLISH:That third love was the one that I take in his arms and I change forever and with a simple smile captivates me, with which that chemistry and connection feels a love that was not forever but will always be present

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Natasha Laik: My Day at the Gym

Today I get up like every day, a sunny day for sierto, very rich for exercise, 7:15 am I leave my house to the gym, everything is normal until now, 7:35 am I arrive at the gym, start my routine Warm up a little fun and dynamic, spend 35 minutes of warm-up, under my heating machine, to the shower to drink some water, I'm headed to the shower I'm followed by a guy, tall, beefy, was even cute , I thought I was going for the showers too, I did not pay much attention, suddenly, I feel a hand on my ass, I turned my face towards and it was the boy who came behind me, immediately I take my hand and give him a very slap hard, and I tell you that you're an idiot, respect me I'm a lady, slimy, and I design is that I saw tremendous ass so rich and can not stand the urge to touch it but I will not do it again, and he ran away, nobody noticed of what happened, I left the showers and continued normal training and went straight to my house and from there to my work and it is or was what happened to me at the gym.

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