Roxy Von: So Far, So Good

I am a newbie to this game. Ive done 2 or 3 shows so far and they have went ok I guess. I'm still super nervous and feel awkward. I fumble with all the tech stuff and such, but over all I think i have the potential to become a popular member on here. people seem to like me. wish i could get some advice tho or some pointers..well i guess that's it for this entry..ill keep yall posted..Much love..XXOO

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Savannah Hayes: If I Won the Lottery?

Ha I'm boring. I would first pay off all my existing debt. Then buy a house somewhere secluded in Montana. I want lots of acreage and no neighbors for miles. I would help my family financially. Whatever I have left over after spending on myself, I would start a business. I am not sure what exactly, but it would be a work from home business. Something fun and that would allow people to be creative and be themselves. Perhaps sex industry related like modeling? The reason is because I think there should be more work from jobs. When I was working in factories or just in the public, I felt I didn't belong with this type of work. I know many people would give everything to work from home, so I would want to present opportunities for people who want fun in their career. Yeah, I think all my lottery money would be spent after all that.

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Savannah Hayes: Life Right Now

Well life's a little weird right now. Can't wait to move out of this studio and away from my ex who is really annoying me to no end. I need my own room, better lights to get this modeling thing really going. I've been seeing this older man who I have grown feelings for. I was not expecting this to happen, since we barely have anything in common and I wasn't looking for a serious relationship right away. Anyway I do feel a connection...

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