About squirting

Well,i am most frecvently asked if I do squirting:)Here’s a fact that might surprise you:All women have the physical ability to squirt,ake ejaculate,just like men,it’s just a matter of pushing the right ”buttons” to make it happen.If I want to up my odds of squirting,is a specific area down there that I should focus on:My G spot.Most women who ejaculate do so as a result of touching there.The G spot sweels when aroused,so it’s best to try to go to work on it when I am already aroused from foreplay or clitoral stimulation.G spot is located two to three inches into the vagina,close to the front of the vagina wall,and feels like a spongy,raised bump or ridge.The G spot can best be reached by direct stimulation from a penis or a partner’s finger,fingering myself,or using a toy designed for G spot acces.Me personally,usually 15-20 minutes and it doesn’t always happen,so I trained myself and have the right kind of stimulation.xoxoxoxox

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