anal sex: how to make a Greek and enjoy a lot in trying

Tip # 1: Hydrating.Probably you have already told you an intimate high quality lubricant is essential to have anal sex. In fact, the more the better. Applies moisturizer to catch a manatee in a bowl, and then put a little more. The more you lubricate, it will be more enjoyable for both. It’s as simple as that, but you can add some style to not look like it’s going the doctor … Do not you know what I mean? Light some candles, play music, give him a massage and then, Use lube!Tip # 2: Condoms.Condoms are great for anal sex, and not just because they provide security against infections. Condoms are also better for the anal because they slip more easily, and as a result are more pleasing to the recipient. And, if any, help men to prevent them from reaching orgasm … I demasiaaado proooonto.Do you think that using a condom off the heat of the moment? We disagre. Check out this article: The 5 hottest ways to put a condom on your partner.Tip # 3: Toys for anal sex.Some toys like anal plugs or prostate massagers can ease the transition to anal sex: using progressively larger vibrators during foreplay, find it much easier to know when your partner must come into play. At that time, aims to stimulate her clitoris or penis (massagers clitoris and cups masturbation are very comfortable in this section) while you’re having sex: you’ll double the intensity of sensations and will build the ideal scenario to have an orgasm total.

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