who is Lara? Im a girl who love the challenges!!! I will always make goals in my life to reach, and doesn’t matter what or how (in a good way) I like to make it real, sometimes the life is not easy but it make me stronger, I respect the people what I meet here, and open their hearts for talk about them and their lifes, I love to read and hear the experience, it will show me than I can do the best each time and dont give up!!! when I reach a goal, I have already planned the next one, I love work hard for get a better life, for be smart and free, who doesn’t like the money? everybody of course and it is necessary .. but I just want the just for get a better life and help to others. I have in this moment 3 important goals than I hope you can help me to reach… I will to take advance each second for give the best of me, then you will know; It was worth it. thank you for take your time and read and know about me.

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