Christina Blaire: Pleasing Master

It started out as a cold night.just relaxing in the garage and drinking whiskey.we couldn’t help our selves after a couple drinks, he looked at me andsaid. Go get some whore clothes on NOW!with that i ran to the house and changed into my black pleather skirt with the laces on the side. my black and red pleather corset, thigh high nylons with the line up the back. six inch spiked black pleather heels and cuffs and collar. as i walk back out to the garage i carry our toy box with me. i walk in and master tells me to kneel and i fall to the ground with no regard to the pain in my knees when i hit the cement i wait there with my head down master looks through the toy box for what he needs. returning to me he has the ridingcrop in his hand, and gently rubs it on my ass before he cracks it hard off my sweet little ass. it stings but i know icant jump or it will get worse so i hold in my cry of pain. and hear the words strong and sweet the ones i long to hear."good girl. he then moves to the other side and continues to repeat. over and over again untill i cant hold it in and cry out.thats when he is satisfied and pulls me up to my feet and throws me over the table. hikes up my skirt to see how red my little ass has become. he leans in and with a smile on his face he says your getting better. thank you master i repliedmy heart races from the aproval. before i know it my hands are clipped together with my cuffs and hes flipping me over tolift me on to the table. lays me back and proceeds to enter me and i’ve never been so excited before in my life. as soon as he enters i cum. and thats when i realize im in trouble, i didnt wait for permission to finish. master then pulls outand pulls me down and i drop to my knees again. lifting my chin he asks "do you know what you did wrong?yes master i reply looking up at him. as he enters my mouth he say do good and ill put it back in. i begin to do my dutyand he begins to moan and i know that im doing well. after ten minutes of sucking licking and rubbing he pulls out andonce again picks me up flips me over and enters me and then pounds me right there on the table. thrusting over and overand over. knowing that i cant help myself. but i have to or the punishment will be different this time. after ten mins heleans in and whisper ok your turn. and the release is instant and it is so strong it pushes him out of me and i spray himdown. with a smile on his face he thrusts powerfully back in and continues till he finishes. as he pulls out he strikes mybare ass just to see me jump and loves it!

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