Don’t be Scared

I KEEP GETTING ASKED THIS SO I JUST MADE THIS POST TO SUM IT ALL UP…. BOOM….. JUST A TASTE OF WHO I AMI am going to send u my intro. To be honest, it scares off most. Itâs to the point. I would of course want to continue getting to know u before we âokayâ and meet. Set up limits and boundaries. Learn more about what we like and do not like. Or limits and or dreams.I am looking for someone that wants to be dominated and be controlled by a woman. My body and pleasure is something that is to be earned. EXAMPLE: âU think that I am sexy? U 1st must earn to even look at me. While in my presence u will look at the floor pet. Unless I tell u other wise.âU must be able to listen to all of my commands. You will be rewarded with my body and the loyalty of my mind. I love having a man worship below me as well.I am a very strong woman. I have always been a dominate female my whole life. I come from a family of 5 older women destroyed by men. I have learned a lot about life and myself in my 29 years. I have been through hell and back to learn those things too. I have been surrounded by sex my whole life. Good sex and bad sex. So I am numb to it until I can see the break in who ever is under me. Then I know u won’t leave me. U would do anything for me. For u have been though hell just to have me. Just to look at me.What brought u to me? U know what I am. Who r u?

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