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Hello everyone, what I’m going to tell happened a summer not so long ago.I had just changed floors, finally a flat for myself, no sharing floor, rooms etc.Like all beginnings, it’s hard until you get some inertia.I move into a newly renovated apartment in a somewhat old community, but for what is today, the truth is quite decent.The only catch of this apartment was, it was unfurnished, but good for a single guy, with a bed, a sofa and a TV, to start almost that you have it all.Everything was great, no problems the normal neighbors, almost all older people, they said a quiet neighborhood community.It was the second day of being there when I met Lydia, the next-door neighbor. She was a woman of about 45-50 years well worn, with everything in her place, for my rather attractive taste, quite generous chest, long hair cared for, we go an elegant woman.The case is that the landlord gave me a garage controller, but it did not work, and of course I had the car loaded with all my stuff and I did not want to leave the car loaded in that area, I do not think it was recommended. I noticed my neighbor was at home and knocking on her door. As I have already told you the first impression that Lydia gave me was fantastic. After calling after a couple of seconds of waiting I opened the door, dressed casually, being at home, wearing loose trousers and a t-shirt without a bra underneath, something that to this day continues to haunt me by the head, the image of those marked tits, somewhat dropped by age but very well worn and with a perfect size.After I opened the door, I almost forgot what I was going to tell her, even she told me that if the cat’s tongue had eaten, it was a little embarrassing.Iâ"I don’t forgive, excuse me, I just moved to the floor across the street, the landlord gave me this command but it doesn’t work, I was wondering if you’d have the garage codes or the president/administrator’s phone, it’s that I need to get the car in to unload the move.She looked me up and down and after thinking about it for a few seconds;Lydiaâ"For the truth that I don’t know how that works, my husband takes care of all those things, but this and he’s the president. If you want, I can leave mine to you, and when you’re done, you give it back to me, I don’t think I’ll come out.Andâ"the truth is, you’d do me a great favor, I thank you. By the way, my name is David.I-I Lydia delighted.I approached and gave her two kisses, the truth that she had a very pleasant smell was of those women who, without being a bellezon, are very attractive.Iâ"welcome, anything that can help you, tell me, as soon as I talk to my husband, I ask him about the command and he tells you how to do it.Andâ"perfect thank you very much, I don’t bother you anymore.I was leaving for my car, I wanted to finish moving in and settling into my new home.

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