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we started to talk a little bit about her husband who was leaving super early and arrived quite late and almost every day with two or three extra drinks, the woman let loose a little, told me that she was almost unrelated to any neighbor and spent many hours alone at home , I noticed that I wanted to lengthen the conversation in a blam manner I no longer know if out of interest in me or how she had told me that she spent a lot of time alone at home, the fact is that I throw myself in and leave my phone in case I needed anything and she after doubting it I’m writing it down and n his mobile phone, but I didn’t see it wise to ask for his.Each of us went to our house, when to surprise after about 20 minutes I got a message to my phone, it was her, to write down her phone.In the dumbest way we started talking on WhatsApp, nothing out of the ordinary, the typical (whatever you need, etc.) we kept talking for a while and the questions were becoming more personal, I could intuit that she wanted to know more about me, I didn’t know if by cotilleo , by attraction or by boredom. I wonder that if I had a girlfriend, my age where I came from, the truth is that we told each other’s lives for an hour or so.When I told her I was single, she told me she thought she had a girlfriend, because she had seen a girl days ago in my house by chance, that because she had no curtains you could see everything.The truth was that I was surprised by his sincerity and Left me somewhat unmoved to confess:Lyâ"I thought you had a girlfriend, the other day I happened to see you, as you don’t have curtains you see everything. LolI- I’m sorry, he’ll be more careful next time, I hope we didn’t give you the show.Iâ"not calm I’m cured of fright, anyway I didn’t see anything weird, quiet…I- nothing weird as what? EjjejeI-Well I don’t know if I want to answer that, I tell you that from my house you see everything…And you like what you saw?I’m not going to tell you that I dislike the truth, but you should think about putting up curtains.Iâ"hehehe, I’ll keep that in mind.They spent a couple of hours of a tense silence in the conversation, the truth that I left something cut off, I didn’t know if she was playing with me, or she was just polite.I decided to send him another message;Iâ"Lydia Hope I didn’t say, well better done nothing that disgusted you, but well as I saw you looking out the window I thought you liked what you saw, in the future I will put more care, or curtains ejjejee.She took a little while but I finally answer.Did you know I was looking? For me you can keep doing it, i really liked what I saw….Andâ"I’m glad you liked it, if you want to see it more closely you just have to come here one day and have a coffee, you don’t have to hide behind the curtain.I-I take you at your word, but at the moment I’m very comfortable behind the curtain.As we were talking, her husband arrived and she didn’t answer me again.The next day in the morning I woke up super horny, the truth that the game we were bringing to me excited me about way. I spend all day on the job thinking about her and the situation.When I got home, I saw that your husband’s car wasn’t there, so I decided to give my mirona another masturbation show in the salon. I came home, looked out the window and could see that Lydia was home, because she had the light on. I took off my clothes and showered then with my bathrobe sit on the couch and watch tv, waiting for Lydia to be noticed by my presence.A few minutes passed but I couldn’t see if she was or wasn’t spiing on me, so I decided to send her a message on my cell phone.How are you neighboring the day?I’ll get back to you right away.So boring watching TV, alone as usual and you?I-well I just got home, I’ve showered and nothing in the living room watching TV too.Why was the day hard?Iâ"well the truth is yes but well now I can relax on my couch….Lâ"If I see it hehehe,(I could finally see the glow of his cell phone by the window)I-I didn’t remember that I don’t have curtains shaft, do you want a coffee?L-now?Me â" if of course, that’s how we keep companyMaybe another day, okay?I-whatever you want….I put a sad face…But I couldn’t get that to end like this, so knowing that she was watching, I let go of my bathrobe and started masturbating very slowly, with the light off, but with the just that the TV gave so i could see what I was doing.It wasn’t two minutes when my cell phone was vibrating again.Lâ"What boredom there is nothing on tv, you see?Iâ"the truth that I’m not looking at her much, I have another matter on my hands…Lâ"Go now I see the matter in your hands…… you look more entertaining than me…Meâ"well it’s more fun when you do it in company

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