First day of My Life

So the new, unusual day of my life has come. The old fades away and slowly smolders somewhere deep in my soul my past. Today I begin life webcam model. And this strange feeling, I went for a long time to this and am very glad that I am here, on the other hand, soooooo many questions. Will I like it here, will I like it here .. I really hope to find people who will support me at the beginning of this journey and stay with me for a long time.Being kind of impressionable and inquisitive, before starting, I certainly re-read a bunch of articles and forums about the webcam. God, I could not even imagine how many versatile and interesting fetishes you can find here, sometimes it was a little funny and sometimes they wrote such that the hair stood on end. Therefore, I was a little scared, but since I was a person of the philosophical mindset I thought a little and decided to try it all the same. Well, theyâll ask me to suppress invisible cockroaches or scratch my heels with a comb, well, or Iâll get a strict and cruel gentleman who will scoff at me and torment me for hours, so what … Iâm just starting to live and maybe this strange and interesting person will reveal something in me without which I wonât be able to live later, what will become part of me … So now I look forward to something special here.I hope I succeed and become a part of this industry, for which I have further and more ambitious plans …

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