From the Inside

It has been awhile since I have written from my soul so here goes something…….I have talked and had so many different conversations wit 100s of ppl in the last month. I have learned so much about men and women and it is amazing. It feels so good to have people of both sexes open up to me and come to me with there issues. Not just about sex… But everything!!!!!My whole life I have been searching for my HOME. For somewhere to "fit" in. But I have had a home all along… I have had one in my own heart. My own Soul. Wit other PEOPLE.Once I broke my own walls down and fit in with myself, I just WOKE up. I seen things differently from then on. I love this journey of life that I am on. It is not always the funnest, but it is real. RAW. It is MINE.I remember when I used to fight waking up everyday. Hating life. Not waiting to be in this world. But I was BLIND. ASLEEP. That’s what they want us to feel like. They want us ALL to feel oppressed.A mind like mine is a dangerous thing. I am not limited to anything or any possible idea. FOR I CAN DO ANYTHING. Any one of us can if we allow ourselves too.We r just a Brain in a body. If u can think it up in ur head and in your mind then u can make ur body ur person do anything. Achieve anything humans can.Stop limiting ourselves and just do it!!!U might be surprised what comes out of it……

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