Great news!

Hey you!Yeah, you reading this! Guess what?I have outstanding news for you! Beginning next week on Nov. 25th, 2019 I will be hitting the gym. Not only is that good for myself but also for all of my fans reading this (yes, this includes you). A more confident Asuna means better content for you! If you haven’t checked me out (yet) why not stop by? Say hello, I won’t bite….hard. Anyways, aside from that my day has been GREAT! Just enjoying my day off. Munching on snacks and looking at toys and gear to buy before I create Christmas content.HEY! I just thought of a fun idea! So listen to this. How do rewards sound for x amount of credits. This wouldn’t only include a request, but it would be a tier sort of system. You know? For Example:a) Random lewd chosen by you (marked with different numbers)b) Requested lewd + a non standard rate for SMSc) Special lewd + low SMS rate + Snapchat Just some ideas.It’s starting to get late here. I’ll leave this post as is for now.The next one will be more personal, but for now I had to type this so I didn’t forget.Have a wonderful! I appreciate and love you all!Love,Asuna xoxo

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