“How did you start camming?”

"How did you start camming?"ONE of the most asked questions I receive. I was initially looking for a second WFH job to supplement my income. I was looking for something that was flexible and that would allow me to create my own hours. That is when I came across an ad for Web Cam Modeling. The ad was very intriguing and seemed promising. The ad stated that all I need to get started was a computer, webcam, and reliable internet. It glamorized everything I was looking for in a job (be your own boss/set your own hours/etc). So I decided to sign up. 24 hours later and I was approved to start camming! I initially started camming just a hour here and a hour there, I was still working full-time at my vanilla job (standard 9-5). I had no idea what virtual dimension I had just landed in, but I was so fascinated by every aspect of camming. From chatting endless hours to people from all around the world to slowly opening up to the virtual art of tease. Before I knew it I had officially been a cam model for a little over a month. I was enjoying cam so much, I decided to leave my vanilla job to pursue camming FULL-TIME. And that’s how I started camming.

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