How my name came to me…

My name, Lady Metatrona, came to me while I was practicing Transcendental Meditation or TM, it is a form of silent mantra meditation. I am an angel of life. My mission is to give unconditional love, dignity and gratitude to all sentient beings on this planet and planets beyond. I am attracted to sacred geometry like the flower of life, tree of life, seed of life and metatron’s cube. I love the violet flame as well. I have studied Erotic Mysticism and Esoteric Yogic-Psychology. I have also received the Medicine Buddha Dharma Empowerment. I am intrigued about Breatharianism. I also listen to DNA activations and Pineal Gland activations on youtube frequently.I believe what I seek is also seeking me. I believe the subtle incentive behind all action is the search for fulfillment. And I believe that every action inherently has a positive intent. I am super excited about having new opportunities to express myself! I feel like all of my life experiences have been preparing me for this opportunity. The time has come for humanity to understand the mightiness of their being. We are all a representation of what our species is capable of. I have traveled to many different places on planet earth, especially to Mexico, Hawaii, Canada and Europe and that has helped open my mind immensely.

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