Karsyn Kelly: What is It Recently???

Do I have a booger hanging out of my nose? Food on my face or lipstick on my teeth? Lately I have been getting the longest stares when im out in public. Im wondering what it is that im doing that are the cause for these long gazes! Its the length of time where its not completely creepy/stalker like, but definitely longer then the normal "glance over" or quick second eye contact with a stranger. It falls right in between....a couple of my friends have mentioned it to me too that I get the weirdest/longest stares. Anyways, Just was wondering if anyone goes through similar semi-awkward glances or at least has ideas of the possible reasons? ORRRR I may be thinking way too much into this particular subject and somehow has formed a public insecurity of sorts. I also then become paranoid to where these people recognize me from being on Cam, am I supposed to feel embarrassed or flattered? I feel torn between the two. Anywho, just my thought of the day before I hit the hay! (hey look im suddenly a poet today too!!! haha) Hope everyone sleeps well and would love to hear from new friends!!!!XO Karsyn

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