Lasya Vee: When I Broadcast 'my Biggest Pet Peeeves!!"

Well if your reading this it means you enjoy watching my broadcasts when i go live and you know how much fun i tend to have while I'm on!But what i'd like to bring up is the things that annoy me, well technically not the 'things' its whom and what you new guests or even random men say!1. when you come on and your just titled as a guest with the extra numbers at the end, coming in say 'boobs' or 'show pussy'. its so weird and rude! just......ew!!2. Also there are demanding men who come online thinking i just bow down when i hear them say i have so and so credits but i want to see you flash first or whatever his desire is first! ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY not! its my broadcast so my rules! so pay to play!3. Another annoying one is the randoms who come in and say tipped 500 credits like they actually did but didn't. I'm the one broadcasting, don't you think i would get a notification if someone tipped me!! BEWARE fellow cam models...4. Then theirs the akward silence, when you know you have many people watching in free chat but no one says anything but you know there just watching you....who knows jerking off or just God knows what! #creepy5. Last one but not only, i love having a great time on broadcast but when i'm on for so long with some who having been watching me, i wonder if they consider tipping out of the whole time they see me entertaining!?well i hope you reading this maybe you can make a difference!!xoxo,LASYA VEE

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