Lizzy Storm: Fan Club Show

Hi my wonderful fan club members. I am so super excited about the show tonight!!!! I cant wait to show you all how much I appreciate you. A few things to go over for tonight…. 1. Starts at 9pm CST I don’t have an exact end time but shooting for 1am CST, I want to give plenty of time for members to join in for a while. 2. I have not planned out the specifics of the night, I will be doing some sort of drawing with different things to make the night fun but still spontaneous… 3. I still want request. Email them or send on Twitter. I will add them to the drawing. Your request can be games, outfits, actions, positions, things you want to see, questions and dares for Truth or Dare.. I personally love this game, I love hearing everyone’s answers to the truths. There are some limits, please be respectful of that. 4. Please remember to be respectful of each other. 5. When you come into my room tonight, I think you should be taken directly into the private member chat, if not hit take private or join show.. I think, if you have trouble contact support help. 6. Please send tips to my tip target. I would love to reach my target soon to get new equipment. (I still get the buzz when added to my target). As always I truly appreciate every credit given to me. 7. Lastly, have fun, relax, enjoy yourself and cum lots!!!! If you have questions let me know I will respond ASAP. I cant wait to spend the night with you all!!! KissesLizzy

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