Mistress Madison: St. Patty 2018 – Feeling Unlucky?

Are you a man who hasn’t had much luck with women? Most of your life you have been rejected? Perhaps you’re chasing after women that are too far out of league!It can be a real humbling experience to be THAT guy who just doesn’t have any luck with women….so what do you do? There comes a point in your life when you need to be honest with yourself and embrace that somethings will never change. I suggest not only embracing your lack of woman skills but to celebrate it! First you have to figure out why you are UNlucky, is it your small penis? Perhaps you let yourself "go" and it shows in not so attractive body. Are you just super introverted and don’t know what to say and get super nervous around smoking hot women. Maybe you’re a super nerd, a virgin….maybe you’re just a dirty old man who reeks of "pervert" and scares women off. The internet is a playground where YOU can start to take control and in a sense change your luck! The key is to figure out where you are lacking and start working with it. Find a woman online that can help and guide you through those rough patches and help you embrace the area in question. Its very common for a male to have a small penis and for many women that is an absolute turn off. You could chose to be that guy who gets down on himself or you can be that guy that admits you have a lacking dick but still want the attention from a hot girl. Thats where you start to think about your options…..verbal humiliation is a strong turn on and it’s fun! You get to jerk your little pecker while viewing and getting off to a hot babe that you know you don’t have a chance with. In fact you can have all the attention you desire! I believe it’s a smart transaction! Maybe you just don’t know what to say to a woman….well guess what? Every times you chat with a lady online you’re practising your skills. If your skills don’t improved at least you’re getting attention from a girl you would normally not. Whatever makes you unlucky figure it out and start to embrace and celebrate online. Explore your fetish and release that pent up energy!Miss Madison Stone

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