oral sex with a stranger in a disco

One day I went out partying with my friends to a well-known disco in the city, they put us in a somewhat dark place. The night was running and as time passed more drinks we had, after having several beers I go to the bathroom, on the way there was a group of boys and one of them calls me and says that if I was going to have a I have a drink of rum and obviously the boy took it, he was cute, then we started dancing and his penis got hard while we danced, the song ends and he says to me, I’ll wait for you in the girls’ bathroom, I went after him and we entered a bathroom and there were several girls and we went alone he and I to the bathroom and we started to kiss and touch after his penis was so hard about to rip his pants I grab and drop his pants and a huge and thick penis comes out delicious to sucking and hitting me like a veal and choking me with his huge penis until I let spill a stream of a lot of milk leaving my mouth flooded with a lot of milk I swallow it and we went out to continue drinking and dancing .. It was a delicious experience I had, ptonto I will tell you more

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