Part 1

It happened during a student cultural exchange trip. Our delegation consisted of ten students from various faculties of the same University. And we went to Austria for a couple of weeks. From the beginning of the trip, a relationship or friendship began to develop between my friend Alex and one nice student Galia. Alex was a very sociable guy and he would often throw his jokes out and Galia was having fun around laughing. During our trip they always found themselves close by and communicated a lot. And one day, after a trip to another city, we went back to Vienna on a train that was going at night. We all spread out and prepared to sleep. I ended up in the same compartment with Alex and Galea, and there was another girl named Light with us. It was too late, we laid out the seats, forming one large lying space, pushed the curtains, closing the glass doors into the corridor, the European coupon car, and all went to bed, turning off the light. Galia lay by the window, next to Alex, then me, and Light lay to my right, near the door. I fell on my back, closed my eyes, and tried to sleep in a dark compartment, but it wasn ‘t here. I chuckled that Alex started barking Galia in the dark, and I died afraid of preventing them, as if I had already fallen asleep. And himself, with his eyes closed, listened to every careful ball. Lasky between Alex and Galea seemed to grow, and I lay quietly next to him, but my body began to get excited and stressed, too. At first I turned quietly towards Sveta, and began to launch my hands on her, in the hope that they would accept my affections. But Light quickly rejected my strollings, and sort of continued to sleep. It became clear to me that I had no chance with Light. And Alex and Galia were already completely consumed by each other, and I felt their intimacy build up. I only had to lie next to me, pretend to be asleep, and I wanted them not to stop, for all this quite excited me

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