Part of Tradition

I am 100% happy with who I am. I have been like this and a part of a tradition that has been around since the dawn of times. My scars are who I am. They tell a story of over coming pain and survival. Struggling is not something to fear at all. It is something to cherish.People like me will understand this and respect my scars as a sign of strength and loyalty. For I stuck out the fight and came through life smarter/stronger.I just want to surround myself with ppl that r on the same journey as I am. With the same goals and heart as I have.Its not just about sex or being kinky. It is about expressing who u truly are. Being yourself in your own skin. It is a way of living. Just like breathing. I have been like this my whole life. I just UNDERSTAND better now. Have opened my closed mind to who I really am. Accepted it and quit fighting who I was. I let it grow and blossom into something beautiful that will help others around me all at the same time.Let down your OWN wall of shyness. Just be who ever it is u were created to be. U will attract what u put out. TRUST.If u do not guess what!!??!!??We as free minded ppl get to make a choice. We get to pick who we have on our team and in our lives. If u r just going to rain on my day, then u r not gonna be apart of my life. That simple. I will not choose to be around that.In the last few months I have really grown a lot. In more ways than I can even explain. If we allow our minds to set up our own limits to accepting things and other ppl then there is no issues. Don’t like something don’t surround yourself with it.

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