Princess Nya: About Me! :)

Hello everyone. I am new here!Thank you if you are reading this.So I started with this wonderful experience. How did I decide for it? Where am I and what are my plans for future? And what do I love about F4F?About me...I am actually pretty young, about the age of finishing a college. I didn\'t finish one tho. My health didn\'t allow it. I\'ve been living off of low disability for about half a year now. I thought I\'d never be able to find a good work, or make much money to do the things I love, like traveling.Life and destiny is a funny thing tho, and now I have big plans.How did I get here? Well, I thought about being a model, because that\'s what I loved, making ammateur photos of me and my body. I wrote in response to several ads of people looking for models. I got rejected. But I also got approved - by companies providing girls with a workplace for erotic live cams. I started digging in. And decided, why work under a company? I want to stand on my own!And it all felt a little crazy, because I never thought life wold get me somewhere like this. But here I am! And it\'s the most exciting time of my life.Where am I going?So I managed to save a little money. I am living in a tiny house right now, here in central Europe. But that\'s not going to last long. Baby is going to live her own life! I made a very unresponsible and risky decission, because I never made one before and I am sick of it. I am going to move to Bali, Indonesia, trying to make money on my own. And if I fail, I can always come back with tail between legs. But I really don\'t want to, so I will do my best!What do I love about F4F?It\'s the fact that I\'m gonna flirt for fun. Literally. And not only that. You see, I love the fact how therap.utic and relaxing erotic live chats are for customers. I love to provide other people with pleasure, while being pleased myself. That\'s like the most healthy, fun and laidback work - job - activity - passion. And getting money for it -> being able to live as I wish? Perfect!I am a newbie, I\'ve never done anything like this. However, everything has to be for the first time once. And I hope I can make this a thing. Stick with me, and I will give you everything! 🙂

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