Raven Victoria: History of Life)

It happened from the 6th to the 7th of January after we had fun celebrating the birthday of my slander. we'll (call her Katya) went home a little later, since we wanted to dance and drink a little more. When we had nothing to drink, we decided to dance a couple more songs and go home, during the dance, she often tapped me between her legs (I was wearing a very short skirt), so nobody noticed me that much. I suddenly felt her tongue on my lips and without hesitation I opened my mouth for her a long time and we forgot where we were starting to kiss passionately. When the song ended we reluctantly broke away from each other and went to the street to catch a taxi.There it all started when she asked me to sit with her in the back seat, behind the wheel was a Russian man of about 35-40 years. Katya started kissing me again and gently caressing my pussy with her hand, my panties were already wet enough. She whispered to me to lie on my back and push my legs apart, the driver all the time looking at us only occasionally glancing at the road, his cock was already in combat readiness. Katya carefully took off my panties and gave them a little, he eagerly began to sniff and suck my juices out of them, and stroking his cock. I no longer understood what was happening and for some reason I was not at all embarrassed that someone looking at us on the contrary made me even more excited. Katya began to drive a tongue in my pussy without missing a centimeter, she so gently and passionately loved every my wrinkle that came almost immediately ...Then we lay down in a pose 69 and licked each other.

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