Sharriet Jones: Enjoy

Until your sex camelike those loversthat before a naked bodyofficiated with fervor and beautyKnowing yourselves participants of Pan and Aphrodite.On the inhospitable land,under the silent sky and the absent gods,I advance through its valleys, hillsides, promontories,and at the exact moment of the moanassault, break, I occupythe mysterious cave,the warm refugewhere to dwell silently.Already surrendered, and cold, and exhausted,the bodies are separated,his powers are annulled:a truce opens on the white canvases.Until a furtive hand slipsfor the fur so furrowed,the legs intertwine,the meat, muted, recovers its voices,and sex,what a sea coming out of its calm,get up and move forward:towards the body that I loveand that lies beside me.Beautiful reality that I devour insatiable.

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