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The week that followed after I became Bernardo’s "rights friend," there was a lot of work. On Saturday morning there was staff evaluation; it was a very tense week…, very pressured, and I wanted to give way to my "tensions", I had to give way to my "tensions"!, which I already brought.I spoke to Alejandro, "my partner", the 25-year-old boy I was dating, the one who kept telling me always that I wanted to become a boy. I asked him if he could pass by me and…, as he said yes, immediately he arrived and I got in the car, by his side, I told him that he was very "excited".She wore a navy skirt and blazer ensemble, wore her hair collected in a kind of "chongo". Underneath the blazer he wore a long-sleeved, blue-black pullover and underwear he wore a trouser set â" dark blue bra, feathered, lace, elegant, beautiful, discreet but sensual. He also wore blue panties.As soon as I told Alexander that I was "hot", he immediately kissed me on the mouth and at the same time put his hand between my legs, until I reached my crotch, to my sex, that i was completely wet, beaten from my secretions:You’re really hot…, you’re all wet out of there…!.+ Yes Alexander…, that’s why I called you…, I walk with a lot of "win"…!The boy got very excited, and I think I passed on my coffers to wield him, because he stepped on the accelerator of his car and in a few minutes we walked into a motel. We immediately got naked and started having sex: I was very lacking!, I felt it delicious!, but we were so, so excited, that we ended up in a few minutes.We started laughing and telling each other that we had beaten the speed record, that we were the "fasts of the west" and jokes like that.I kissed him, stroked his face and lay on his chest, played his nipples and then after a while I stroked his penis with my hand. I started "touching it" and immediately felt that he regained his vigour:You have a hand…, very rich…, it makes me wonders…, you have the "divine touch"…, you touch me and I stand…, immediately…!.+ Alexander…!,I said, between protest and thanks, flattered and sorry, for that phrase I had dedicated to myself:+ how you will be, Alexander…!.Then look at how you left me…, with all my iron "stopped"! I’m going to have to put it in…!. Do you want it…?.+ Yes Alexander, give it to me!.And immediately, the boy turned me, face up; she started sucking my breasts, alternately…, stroking my nipples, kissing them, sucking them, pulling them, until she settled between my legs and started pumping me with great force and speed.I had lifted my legs to the height of his shoulders and every onslaught he threw at me, his thighs crashed into my buttocks, producing snaps. He felt his ramming deeply, until, after a few minutes:I come…, I come…, Aracely…, I come…!!And she ended up going up my vagina, filling me all with semen.He lay on top of me, until he lost his erection and got out of my sex:I love you…, you take very tasty…, very rich…!,But I was completely surprised when he also asked:â¢Are we leaving…?.I was waiting for more, but I didn’t say any of that, on the contrary, I said yes.Ahhh…, but don’t wash it…, you know I want to make you a little boy…, I want to make you a belly…, I want you to have my baby…!.+ You’re crazy, Alexander…!,I told him, while I was coming to get dressed, every patch of semen.I put on my skirt and my blazer, my pullover, but now without bras or panties. I didn’t pick up my hair either, I let it loose on my shoulders, all messy. He went to leave my depa, but he didn’t get off. We kissed in the car and he said:I’ll see you later…!.

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