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hello, here I want to tell you a little about myself in short words I want to tell you how I am, my taste so let’s begin, for the first time I will start by telling you that I am from Colombia white girl of stature 1.68 of 20 years of the year 98 month 12 day 2 per second I consider myself a very expressive cheerful girl at the time of speaking I like to be risky I like extreme things one of my favorite things are motorcycles, I love gastronomy everything that is with exotic flavors, natural places such as waterfalls, rivers, waterfalls, islands etc. That would be something small of what I like and of the many things that I would love to do like traveling outside the country one of the places I would love to know is China, France, USA, Iceland, New Zealand for its culture and exotic places so much of natural reserves that is something that fascinates me I would also love to know its gastronomic culture since it is innovative and as I say I exploit the imagination that would be one of the great things that I would love I have to do in my life in the future mentioning that in earlier times I am a cencilla girl who loves dancing to explore and learn many things with a future mentality that regardless of obtaining the power to achieve what I want with the greatest of my strengths my family.

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