Stimulate Testicles

Well,who knows me already knows that I have a fetish with balls:))I can mimic some of these manual techniques using my mouth and tongue too.Lick the raphe,starting from the base of the balls and finishing at the top of the shaft.I try gently pushing the scrotum up from maximum balls mouth contact.I lick with my whole tongue first,then I try targeting specific areas with the point of my tongue hmmm.I go slow,don t suck aggressively but I don’t hole them in my mouth and do nothing,either.My tongue around each testicle in combination with some gentle lip pressure may drive you crazy hmmmI don’t forget the perineum!This area is extra sensitive because of its close proximity to the prostate.If I hum or I make some noise,the reverberations can create a litlle vibration that adds a litlle something extra.

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