Yvonne Missie: My Favorite Holiday

Soooo…Most peoples favorite holidays are Christmas and Thanksgiving. However …My favorite Holiday is Valentines Day!!!! I love celebrating Love in general…and even if not celebrating love , to celebrate strong passionate feelings for another person..To let someone know how special they are and how much they mean to you by showering them with gifts…It’s the one day that a girl feels amazing , beautiful, and most of all special.. I absoultely love roses..Traditional Red Roses are beautiful however i really like to dye my own white roses with food coloring..But my overall favorite colored rose is a peach colored rose..I am so in love with that rose.. My favorite perfume is Romance by Ralph Lauren (that is the most amazing smell ever). I also love milk chocolate and my favorite colors are pink, rosegold pink, burgundy, and peach. I love LOVE and I love celebrating love

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