erogenous zones

Mouth: the mouth, including the lips and tongue, is one of the tools offers greater possibilities in sex. Kissing, licking, biting … let your imagination and grant the importance it deserves, there are a thousand ways to use it!Ears: lobes and rear thereof are the most sensitive parts that account. In addition to playing with them you can also use them to whisper words sensual and intensify even more excitement. A multipurpose organ where they are.Neck, neck, shoulders and back: ideal for a massage, do not you think? It may be one of the best ways to start an erotic encounter, break the ice and also relax what more could you want!Breasts and nipples: Although men and women may be satisfactory, breasts and nipples are often particularly challenging in the case of them being able to reach a state of maximum excitation applying appropriate touch … Check it out!Thighs: especially the inner part thereof, have you noticed how soft it is? It sure is a pleasure both cherish and be cherished in that area, play get close to his genitals and then backtracks. Danger! High voltage!Perineum: I present to that area of ââyour body called ‘I perineum’ Did you know her? It is the area extending between the anus and the scrotum or the vagina. Stimulate can be very pleasant, because it has many nerve endings, do you dare to try?Testicles: Do not forget the testicles during sexual encounters, as many men express the great feeling that produce them caresses in this area. That yes, gently!Buttocks and anus: not often you forget buttocks in our sexual practices, it can be a delight for both touch and to the eye, but … and anus, is top secret for you? You might be interested to know that this area is highly innervated, so it can become very sensitive …

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