The tickles

Tickle can be the most fun in the world and one of the greatest tortures, but why? With these eight interesting facts about tickling you understand how they work!One of our most uncontrolled and irrational reactions is, without a doubt, we have when we make them. We laughed, we had bad, get angry, stick blows without realizing … What happens in our brains when we tickle? Why so our body reacts? We discovered interesting tidbits about 8 Tickle surely did not know. Besides, you have a trick to avoid them!They are a defense mechanismWhen you tickle your brain receives a stimulus in the fibers that cause pain. Tickle are actually a self-defense mechanism of the organism. Our most primitive instincts are aroused with these gestures, and force our body to react to a dangerous situation such as the attack of a scorpion or spider walking on our body.There are two types of ticklingThose who fulfill the function of warning about the presence of a hazard are called "knismesis". They give an unpleasant tingling and itching. That make us laugh are called "gargalesis" and experience mainly humans and primates. Its role is to promote family and social ties among people and strengthen ties.The animals also haveAfter several scientific studies have shown that animals such as primates, rats, dogs or birds share the same pleasant tingling sensation with humans. In the same way that we, the animals use them to establish social ties with other members of their species, and introduced into their games. When they exposed to tickling release dopamine, which is related to the emotions of pleasure.They can be used as tortureProduce an activity in the brain neurons that respond immediately manifested through body movements jerky and nervous laughter. These reactions may interfere with the muscles that control breathing and involuntarily cause spasms and asphyxia. For people with ailments in the heart, causes them stress can cause heart failure. They are common consequences Tickle thankfully, but were used as torture. In ancient Rome it was tied to people’s ankles and then mojarles feet and cover them with salt, with the purpose of the goats to make the lick wounds. And in the Middle Ages used as torture that do not leave marks.

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