You need for your first session BDSM:Preparation, rules, punishments and safeword

Enema: I’m a smoker, I have very poor circulation and probably soon will be hypertensive; I am related to the word emphysema. But when I explained what was an enema, I distresses. This is a bath the rectum and colon through the anus, and is necessary because you are going to put stuff out there for, among other things, more dominance and submission! It can be made with distilled water or tecitos. I recommend you try to do two days before the session because the performance of this technology is complex for a novice. The other do a few hours before your session. (The day of the session only ate vegetable soup to avoid an accident but I think I overdid).Related: Take with oldies is uncoolI thought the enema would be much more traumatic because a couple of exes gave me reasons to believe, but the fact that among some drug in my body encouraged me. If you think this is what the porn actors before each recording, it becomes less humiliating fact be lying on the floor face up on a diaper for adults with a probe pumping chamomile tea directly to your anus. You can see how it’s done. Each kit costs about 50 pesos and you can buy it in any more or less large pharmacy.RULESTo feed the fantasy, we must take into account that protocols are important. Here are the rules to enter the studio of Hector.* The submissive has forbidden dressed, they should never bring any clothes. "That’s interesting because you have to undress in the hallway of my building," says Hector Dominant.* Have to wait knees in front of the door with your hands on your back and look down.* During the session you can not look him straight in the eye.* You also can not talk unless he tells you. Except the word security. For any reason you accept things you dislike or cause you extreme pain.PENALTIES* As a submissive, you must be disciplined and discipline starts from punctuality to arrive at the meeting.* Hector says that for every minute late, I will give a varazo. This is scary for me, the most unpunctual the world.* If you do not obey (this includes, clarifies that get you without permission, your orgasms belong) crashes to the balcony overlooking the street naked and tied up.SafewordThis is the most important. It is when the submissive says it wants to stop for pain or for any reason. "It can be a word that has nothing to do with the game but was standardized as much as it is light.. Red is ‘ran’ When you say red is red at that moment."AFTER CARE, which alleviates apapacho"If I stuck a fuck, I do not know what emotions are connecting. You can get quite shocking. You must always be submissive to being a space of normality". After the putiza, it will be nice to you. Because it was a game, remember?

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